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So I have started on the quite big appliqué project – Stevie’s Garden.

Yesterday I finished the vine, over 2m long bias strip – and yup, I “forgot” to take down the painting of the wall, but never mind;-)


I don’t have a bias maker, well I do have one but it’s quite wide and I simply couldn’t find it anywhere. I did however buy a set of three bias bars, with the notion that it would be a piece of cake to do bias strips with them. HA!! I had to do 3 of them before it turned out semi ok…

Since I’ all out of template plastic and I didn’t want to order any cause I didn’t want to wait …so I came up with this idea (maybe it’s an old idea that someone else have come up with??) – I traced the designs onto freezer paper and then simply ironed four sets of paper together. It turned out like stiff cardboard, but thinner and worked well for all


200 plus small leaves plus 15 larger ones 😮 Surely took me some time to mark and cut them out, that’s for sure.

I didn’t dare to clue them all round the vine, but settled for the nether part. This is glue onlyvine-bottom-glued

Eight of the leaves are now stitched in place – only a bit over 200 more to go!

Happy Saturday!!