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You know all around here calls me small, or tiny or pluppen or… Well, I don’t think I’m small at all, but just perfect the way I am and in the league with the girls. The ones on two legs say they are large and I’m small…tehe, not in my opinion. And they say Fiona is soooo smart (admittedly she is) but I have way better manners 🙂 I heard someone say that Jack Russell are notorious hard to potty train. Well, I confess – I don’t have much of a party bladder (as they call i in Swedish) so I have come up with a cunning plan of my own; when non one is close and can let me out when I stand at the front door with an expectant look, I simply go to the bathroom, Works for both No1 and No2 and nobody can get mad at me, cause I have learned by watching <G>. And I feel kind of proud of my achievements. Mom say she have never hear of a dog doing that there, Yeayyy – I’m the best!! They can also leave me outside for a little bit and I don’t run away, cause I know that if I ran in voluntarily, I’ll get a small treat. The big ‘uns, seem to think that if I run, they get a treat too…..what a tossers. Especially Fiona who has to show her own stubbornness, just must go her own way and come in long after me and Arwen. Well Arwen, now that’s a strange one in quite many ways: as soon as she comes out the front door she start to howl and bark, even if there is nothing there that to stirs you up….

Well Arwen at least let me lick her ears (iiiiiyyeeek sais mom), but Fiona who surely would need it, don’t …She is kind of sour and aloof that one. Can’t say she loves me (what – what’s not to love about me??), but at least she’s tolerable and on occasions, I even get to smell her butt….bliss 🙂

Here Mom told me to write something, but it’s gone from the computer and heck if I can remember what she said…I am just a dog for Pete’s sake ;-p

Last night they took me into town – oh wow, all the smells!!! Then I got to chase two Bichon Havanese round an apartment, in my excitement I had a little accident, but later I went to the bathroom – all was “impressed” ROTFLMBO….The very nice “my dads brother” found me a chewing bone try try to calm me down and know what? It helped 😉 and Fiona and Arwen got kind of jealous when we got back home, cause I smelled of all kinds of goodies ……Well, sometimes girls don’t have all the fun.