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Now that I have finished Love Note’s I want something new to try my hands on. But what? I knew somewhere in the back of my mind, that I did have another project that I had to choose between, but heck if I could remember what. Looking in the book case finding the two appliqué books I bought during the fall, but nah – it wasn’t one of them. So whattttt?? I knew I had written about it, did a search here at the blog and whatdayaknow – it was Stevie’s Garden. Heck if I can find a picture (google and yo shall see) nor can I find the pattern, even though I know that I bought it from Australia. That is the problem with having stuff all over the place – they are at times so danged hard to find!! Must do a more thorough search, but first – dinner. Baked potatoes with home made “Skagen Röra”. Shrimps, mayo, some sour cream, a squirt of lemon, dill and other spices. Yummy!

Edited: Found it after some hours under the DIY book for the big car ;-o How it ended up there is a big ????