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Ha, I have just finished the Love Notes (hanging or whatever) after done some of the parts several times over. The small frames twice, the pocket with the button, three or four, small heart with button – twice and the large heart three times 😮 That’s juts how I am, if I don’t like it all I have to change it LOL. It should be as bulky at the edges as it look like – I need to order a frame and then stretch round3-4cm over the board…. plus get some nice dried or artificial flowers to put in the large heart.

So what to do know? The Bareroots package has still not arrived and the other thing I have an urge to do – a water color quilt, I have no idea how to do and surprisingly I didn’t have any book about it in my smallish quilt related stash of books. Checked out Amazon.uk but even more surprisingly, they had no modern ones that was of any interest. Checked Barnes & Nobel, the same at one from 1996 costs over 30USD on the used market. Not that it matters, I can’t buy anything at all right now cause my new MC don’t work!! And the card company (that is a subsidiary to the bank where I work) don’t have any support during weekends. Why?? You can block your card automatically, but no help beyond that. The only good thing is that no Riot Points can be bought from the top floor…….I had to use my Visa to book Sam’s skiing experience in February and I never use my Visa on-line. Sigh – they might not have activated it??

Oven baked corn chicken and gratin aux potatoes 🙂 – for dinner that is.