do you know that manage to burn them selves on the chin with the vanilla custard on a danish? Well I did, found some small frozen danish in the freezer, the kind that you bake your self in the oven and they came out with piping hot custard….which I managed to “dribble” on my chin with a read mark big as a Swedish 5kr coin and a raw patch in the middle. What do you say??

Took John for his very first fascial this afternoon, he turns 14 in March and have developed a teen aged T with black heads and pimples that he wanted to get rid of. Even though it did hurt like hell, he persevered and got some “beauty” products of his own now to use twice a day. And he seem ver OK with that new regime 🙂

Me I have had a headache all afternoon that just got worse over time. I seldom have them nowadays, so I feel a bit under the weather. Blaha 😦