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Four years ago me and my marvelous, wonderful kids watched Mr Obama’s first inauguration and I don’t think I never told this (and some of you might think I was silly), but we stood when he took the oath.


Why? The absolute top reason was – President Obama showed my kids that they can achieve anything they want in this world, no matter the tone of their skin or shape of their eyes!

I’ve just (well it was almost three hours ago, but my MBP ran out of battery) watched the 2nd inauguration, not as moving or impressive as the first one maybe, but still very touching anyway. Did you see all these people who had traveled in from across the country, standing there waving their flags, cheering enthusiastically? Now that would never happen in Sweden, that’s for sure 😉 And the acceptance? All about equality, world peace and gay rights…who can disagree with that? OK, there where parts of the ceremony and speeches that I surely don’t agree with, but nevertheless – it was a great moment and for more times than I can remember, I am quite envious about the American spirit and their great sense of pride in their country.

During our stay in Fort Myers, we was so impressed by all the flags flying – quite a few in   the honor of the latest (hopefully) school shooting and it’s victims, others large at full height – the pride pictured if anything and in a way very heart moving. And once again I was totally convinced, that I was an American misplaced at burt. Very very far misplaced though LOL.