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I’ve been thinking about some quilt related things lately, like how to design the “perfect” design wall for The DH to build me. And how to better myself when it comes to stitchery (what the beeeep is the difference between embroidery and stitching??) and not to mention FMQ (free motion quilting). I got Leah Day’s book and the supply needed (Machingers, Genies etc) , but never really truly “got down” to it. Oh, I did like 6-7 trial pads just twirling, but my patients ran out since I had to screw and unscrew the pressure feet and change the settings  depending if I was piece or FMQ.

And then it just struck me – I still have my Janome 6600


That nobody wanted to buy when I upgraded to the 7700 Horizon,

1  Horizon

so why don’t I set it up too on the dining table for FMQ only? That way I have no excuse not to sit down 1/2 – 1 hour every day and practice.

…. When it comes to stitchery/embroidery, I saw that Bareroots have this book:bareroots

Thinking even more ;-o, I think I have a quite old book on all the embroidery stitches as well as I have a very good app in my cellphone. But – this book is so cute that I think I want it anyhow 😉

BTW, if anyone might wonder which machine is the better, I must say that the 6600 had features that Janome by some mysterious way didn’t put in or made some strange abreversion (how do you spell that??) of like the spool stand, threading system and bobbin winder. But all in all, I do love that red gem of a machine the better.

“All” that is left to do is try to clean up the mess on the other side of the dining room table, so there might be a chance to set up the 6600 there.