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So what did I do today? Two fulll loads of laundry, making the dinner plans for the entire weeks (never happened before ever), both lunch (fried egg sandwiches) as well as dinner (pork chops with a barbecue sauce and potato wedges) plus a new take on the background for the Love Notes and this is what it looks like with the stitchery blocks finished – an don, I’m not that bad at gluing the front to the batting, looks are deceiving:


Can’t say enough how much I love the collection of Cosmo (from Lecien) 2 ply floss, not only are they great to work with, but they look like gems too cosmo-floss

just need to figure a better place than in a Tiffany blue card box. I went back to Bunny Hills Design with the intention of getting more primary colors and their values/shades, but imagine my great surprise when their website is parked at Godaddy….I must have been extremely lucky to receive my order….

Sam had a blast with “his” elephants at Kolmården on Friday, he even got to examine their mouth with teeth and tongue all all 😀 Oh how envious I am – imagine to do that in school!!