We arrived back home yesterday after yet more 24 hrs of traveling – I said it before,  say it again, but why on earth can’t they come up with something more modern and easy way to travel than stuffing us into several cigar shaped metal things that takes more hours than is fun, just to get us from one place on the globe to another? Specially since we almost missed our connection at JFK due to a misunderstanding between us and a Delta employee…more about that some other time.

Next time we will take a direct flight from Arlanda to Miami or Fort Lauderdale and then go by car, cause switching planes and waiting in airports ain’t no fun either. Next time?? Oh yes, we will certainly go back, at least The DH and me, we aren’t entirely sure we are going to get the kids to accompany us in the future LOL.

So after some whirlwind unpacking so Sam could get to his things and repack them, of we went to leave him in Norrköping and then fetch the dogs in Husqvarna – all 700km in total there and back home. Some might think we where insane, but we figured out that it was the only way to stay awake and try to get the inner clock back on track. OK, I did nod every now during those 8hrs, but then but I didn’t do the driving and I got instantly awake when the head started to dip forward 😉 The DH, brave thing, drove all the way as safely as they come.

Oh my, we did had fantasized how happy the dogs was going to be seeing us again after three weeks and they sure was. Run, jump, kiss, jump, jump, run (you now how happy dogs can be) ….and jump into the car – we are going hoooooome. OK, so we got them back a lot slimmer than we left them, especially Arwen seem to have been on a too hard diet or something, cause that girl is scrawny tired2and than she normally ain’t. We assume, that it’s Diego who have stolen her food (but he hasn’t gained very much weight as far as I can feel)  and stressed her out with all his antics…..Well, up the food portions and I’m going to buy some fattening foood stuff for her and she will be right as rain in a while. We hope. They got a bath and dinner and then slept away tired1 tired3and still is, with the exception of feeding, drinking huge amounts of water (as we are) and going outside. The girls was very content with being home again, Diego a bit confused as he had a hard time believing it was true LOL.

Managed to stay awake until 9.30pm last night, but honestly – still I didn’t sleep very well – woke up at 3.30am and had a hard time going back to sleep. Darling DH (not often I say that nowadays ;-)) had been out buying the breakfast necessities, so I didn’t have to drive to the supermarket the first thing I when I got up. Have sorted stuff, laid out my new quilting stuff I bought and having taken pics of them, but that will have to wait for next post.

Think I need to rest for a bit and then try to find that Love Note pattern.