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What better way to celebrate a new year than a package waiting at the door when we got back from Tampa on NY eve with my FL address on it 🙂

Contained the Cosmos floss I ordered from Bunny Hill –package2

hopefully all 39 of them. But since they will travel back home with me and I don’t even have a needle here, I leave the bag intact. More exiting that way 😀

Checked out the shipping info for my order from eQuilters and it ought to be delivered today. So is The DH’s MC part. Asked Sam yesterday (since the only thing he have bought is a pair of Oakley swimming trunks) if there was anything at all he want, but he say he has everything he needs. And imagine – I have even offered him a pair of real Ray Ban aviator sun glasses 😮

There isn’t much I long for at home, but heavens my bed is beckoning me and my duvet too, so I don’t have to share covers with The DH LOL. What kind of strange custom is that – sharing covers? No matter how wide, there is still not enough.

The DH read some where yesterday that there are only around 66000 residents in Fort Myers, but driving here and there more often than not and seeing the expanse of the city, we came to the conclusions that those 66000 must be the residential ones, the rest must be inhibited by all the winter migratory “birds”.

More later.