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So today we went up early and spent round 3 hours to get to Tampa. To the zoo…what is it with us and zoos? Maybe this is why ;-)?


Lowry Park Zoo is bigger and had more animals than Naples, but we all agree than Naples was nicer and the animals seemed happier.  Don’t ask me why, but they let the kids have these paper trumpets and they was LOUD!! How the poor animals refrained from breaking out and having them for lunch is beyond me :-O , but some like the Florida Panther (first mine and then The DHs pics)


Fort Myers 026

and the leopard (did not want to be photographed) did seem very stressed out and your hear just went out to them.

Like with Naples, the quality of the pics I took differs a lot. Frankly, to take pics of the Florida Manatee mantaunder water was virtually impossible (at least with the lens  have on my camera), but these cute little turtles sunning was easy turtlesand the flamingos


and the elephant, wonder if he/she was all alone cause I saw no one else.elephant

The giraffe loved to be hand fed lettuce.girafe

And they had two bald headed eagles (mighty) that was hurt in the wilderness and would never fully recover, therefore never could be released again (they didn’t look that happy) eagle1

and a seahorse that had no problem whatsoever with having his picture taken 😉 seahorse

Then it was time to pack all us into the gorgeous car and drive for 3 hours back home (with a burger stop) and a quick stop at Publix for some large prawns. At home some muscle-pain-easying in the pool and hot tub and now we only wait for the strike of midnight. How I am ever going to be able to stay awake that long is beyond me. Lucky them at home, there it’s 01.24am and they can be safely tucked into bed 😉

More tomorrow. And – a Happy New Year to all