Yesterday me and The DH went up early and drove over to Sanibel and that great shell beach again. Even though I didn’t find that many shells. it was very restful to walk along the waters edge and just let the mind drift. The DH on the other hand found quite a few shells, must be the male hunting/competitive genes that is acting up ;-p


After that just some grocery shopping (yup, am doing it every day, cause I can think out dinner a day in advance) and then – just nothing. We went down and hung by the pool, Sam cam down after a while but John poor thing, has caught a cold and had to stay indoors. Some sun, some swim, some hot tub…and you could look at the sea at the same time. In the afternoon it started to rain 😮 and blow hard – for all about 5 minutes. I went down to the beach 1/2 hour ago to see if the heavy winds had brought any shells, but not one tiny thing was to be found and the sand was quite chilly on my bare feet Have no idea on what we are going to do today, hope it’s just chilling again 😉