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Today I read on AOL about an Australian pet shop owner who decided not to sell any pups until after Christmas, to avoid spontaneously puppy shopping. Good on her!!!!

When The DH and I visited the Fleamarkets Fleamarket, among all the not-so-very-attractive stuff sold, was a lady who sold tiny itsy bitsy pups 😮 Selling pups at a flea market??? Scratched my heart for sure. Otherwise that place was unbelievable – rows upon rows upon rows upon…so many rows that you could get lost and never get it out of there. For once, I found absolutely nothing to buy except for some paintings (too large to get home) and a Christmas decorated china service – but hey, we never wanna celebrate Christmas at home ever again. Hmm, not entirely true, John never want to get that far on airplanes ever again…In a way I do agree with him – what’s wrong with teleporting – huh?

Today has been for once a very quiet day, The DH and John went up early for a splash in the pool and some shell seeking – they found two “torch” once (you know like the torch the Statue of Liberty holds) – now we only want to find a sand dollar too 😉