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Well I said it before and I say it again, I do have a somewhat strange DH….We have been here for only five days and holy cow, we have been in more shops than I manage back home in several years 😉

On Friday in that heavy winds, he took me to Miromar outlet , a surprisingly nice place miromar1where he “forced” me to buy two pair of Rockport shoes, a bottle of Obsession EdP, then we got two Lacoste polo shirts for John (even though it was an outlet, they still didn’t come cheep), an outdoor fleece and neoprene vest for The DH and lastly – new nails for me :-O. I swear, that was not my idea at all…..and they look like they costed, not that great ;-p

Then of to

wheren The DH looked at a camera and a new lens to my Nikon, but neither was in stock.

Just when the air kind of started to leave Sam and me – this: 

Have you ever seen a chocolatier with an armed guard? And you might think this shop is a big, but it’s like a Swedish one LOL. But – the selection of pralines was big and – they looked like jewels. Bought two of each ten varieties – haven’t tasted them though – saving them for Christmas 🙂

Yesterday was Walmart Large (big?) …???….Honestly I did find it rather nice, they had a huge variety of stuff, but not much to choose from within these categories…I think we spent like 2 hrs in there, finding it quite strange not to be able to find ready made sauces for the T-bone steaks we bought, like not a béarnaise or café de paris sauce to be found anywhere ??? We did find some stuff in bottles, hope they taste good ;-p And I couldn’t help myself but bought a large round tin can with snacks inside. I swear, I’m gonna get that home with my – might stuff my underwear or something in it, so it fits inside the suitcase.

We must have done something else too apart from swimming in the pool, but heck if I can remember it. Well no one can honestly say that it’s warm outside today, sunny but cold….but being vikings, we still drove around with the top dow 😀