Youngest son and The DH came back from some shopping at an outlet – John got several Converse T-shirts and a hoodie. Then down to the pool area for some family RnR, I think we where down there for like 1.5hrs, me and John took a nice stroll up and down the beach too. No pics though.

Then me and The DH went for a gas station and some grocery shopping. Do you have any idea how confusing a gas pump can be? I had ask a very nice gentlemen for help and the cashier as well. But we did manage to fill her up LOL. Then grocery shopping at our nearby Publix which The DH participated in ;-o Once again I had to ask two different ladies for help (like finding ready made ice-coffee) and I figured out that if you ask nicely, telling people you are a tourist, they gladly help you out. And the check out clerk got so happy when I donated some $$ for a food charity 😀 I told The DH that one of these days, he just have to leave me there, so I can browse every isle up and down LOL.

Soon dinner time, so far we haven’t cooked anything. No need since you can find nice ready made food at the deli part. So it’s fried chicken again (two varieties) some salads and chunks of seedless water melon for dinner tonight. Oh yah, I know, that is utter spoiliness, but we never would get through a whole (or half) of a melon before it got wasted.

Met a couple in the elevator earlier who said that some bad weather is coming down from North Carolina – but honestly, it can’t be very much worse than it’s in Sweden ;-9.

The DH has decided it’s dinnertime, cause it’s nice to eat while it still light outside.

More later 🙂