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Yesterday was Mustang day, our gorgeous (but OMG so cramped) fire engine red rented Mustang. Since The DH read some weather forecast that said the rest of the week would be colder and rainy, we wanted to see Sanibel and Captiva islands, especially the famous shell beach. Bridge toll 6$, then the stunning bridge itself


The first stop on the navigator :”Three Crafty Ladies quilt shop” – a small store in Sanibel. Bought a kit kit1b kit1– you know what I really think of kits – right? Paint by numbers….But I was hoping to find something I could occupy my fingers with right now. HAHA, when I opened it this morning and started to read the instructions, what did I find? One has to stamp the backgrounds with included paint and iron it as well. In a posh rented condo? Don’t think so….Well I also picked up three small packs of FQsthree-craftedThen we drove a bit here and a bit there, ogling all the mansions and villas deciding that we certainly are born on the wrong side of the track (or the wrong country if you want)…After all that driving there and here, we did find one of those shell beaches


Beaches are beaches are beaches, pretty much the same sand everywhere, but not here – here it’s shells!! shells-galore

Gazillion of shells. But I got to admit that I was a wee bit of disappointed – not at the plentitude of them, but at the “selection”. All of them was pretty much the same and the beautiful things John found down at “our” beach are more special.

But my men persisted and “shelled” some more:shell-seakers

Then The DH took upon himself to drive me to the other two quilt shops in the FM area. First stop Quilt Lovers Hangout where I after some agonizing bought 3.5yrd of a light green fabric for the backing of that appliqué pattern I have back home and some cute green patterned fabric 50% of price 😉background-appl

Now my sciatic really really started to act up and I had a difficult time getting in and out of that marvel of a car (and no, I still haven’t got around to drive it, The DH hugs they keys to his chest ferociously LOL).

So of to the the last shop – Suzy Q’s Quilt shop, which I found the nicest. Not stacked like Quilt Lovers, but the very best customer service 🙂 Bought 1/2 yrd of some fabrics that struck my fancy susy-q

Here I felt close to dying ;-o and at Target for some grocery shopping, I held on to the cart for dear life and needless to say, my enthusiasm for finding some stuff to have for dinner was at all all-time low. But holy cow, what an immensely large store, apart from groceries (which I found be pretty much like Publix), they have about everything ;-9

This morning The DH and youngest son went out cruising for shops and whatnot, oldest son keep on Skyping with his friends back home in Norrköping with the door to his room firmly shut. Me, with the aid of some OTC painkiller managed to get down to the pool and jaccuzi, then just taking it very easy.

More later 🙂