How on earth can a post not be published but in a draft mode, but you my dear readers are able to comment on it anyway?

The entire family went in that marvel (but oh so extremely difficult to squeeze into) of a Mustangcar1to a nearby outlet, but only me (who was grumpy and in no shopping mode at all) came away with a very nice pair of leather flip flops and three crime novels. I would have had a sweet bikini for grown up women 😉 too, if only the bottom part was in the right size. Then another go at the grocery shop, trying to figure out what to have for lunch and dinner. The kids went with me and helped me choose, all the way to two cups of jello. They where both very impressed by the way things are exposed and the generosity of the people behind the deli counter.  Back home we had some fried chicken and beer, read a quilting magazine and then a nice long nap. Waking up only to think it was only me here cause it was so quiet, but Sam appeared happy as a clam and after a while The DH and John came back, having found some other outlet and grocery store and – having bought me a new hair brush since I had managed to leave mine behind….How sweet of them! The DH had even found a Starbucks and was able to have his daily dose of caffeine – good for him 🙂

And while he’s i a happy mode, I will take the Mustang for a spin tomorrow, if so only round the block LOL.