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I could never think this was happened ever, but one of the M1800 Riders (The DHs motorcycle club) here in Stockhom is going to a few km or something from where we art staying in FM. And  – one of The DHs workmate in his latest project are staying only 8km from us and one who is working in the same company just at bit away too. During the same time!!!

Now tell me, how in gods green earth is that possible?

We will be leaving the dogs at Fiona’s kennel and the weather prognosis is heavy snow. We will take the Pajero and hope nothing bad will happen – if it’s cold the fan can’t be totally necessary right? On the way home we will pick up Sam in Norrköping – oh my, I do miss my son at times.

Today I have been so tired that you wouldn’t believe it – after giving the furry babe’s breakfast I fell asleep for 2 hrs and after doing some grocery shopping and picking up John’s new glasses – the same. And  after taken the furry babe’s to the vet’s for some manicure, I could have done the same thing allover again 😉 And please – don’t ask how I feel right now LOL.