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I swear that I’m soooo close to unadopt him ๐Ÿ˜‰ Of course it’s not possible and I would never dream of doing it, but there are days when my oldest son truly grind me into smithereens…..No, I won’t bore you and not hang him out to dry, but having a middle teenager sometimes sucks – big time. I was probable the same and all others too, but the inability to listen and heel to advice is non existing. Oh lordy me am I happy I don’t have girls ;-p To bad The DH don’t have any recognition of how it was to be 16yrs of age, but think youngsters have the ability to behave and think like adults…..gahhhhhh

Thank heaven I have younger son who said “are you sad? are you tired?, then you need a Johnsy HUG!!”. And surely I do.

The closer we come to departure, the more strung up, nervous, anxious, sensitive, unable to think outside the box ย and argumentative we get. Plus not even very nice to each other either. Let just say, that The DH and me aren’t exactly friendly right now.But that will probably end as soon as the guys rent some fishing rods and go down to the pier and I can lay on the lanai just chilling ๐Ÿ˜€

Oh my, how is this going to end? Will we ever get on board and will we make it on and through JFK? I try to keep the view from the lanai in the condo before my inner eye, just to try to stay sane. Not easy but I try. I try. I try. Lainai, sandy beach, pool, I try , I try.

I have made a small bag for earphones and charging cables and started on one shoe bag. I doubt very much that I will have the time and energy to start on the Love Notes object, since I have to go along with The DH and drive the dogs to the kennel…..One day totally misspent. Not only am I to to that, but I have to wash everything needing washing and then start to make pack lists. Tomorrow though, my little “how long can I leave my hair before I cut it” project is over – so some color and a nice, modern, easy kept haircut. I will probably not recognize myself when I look in the mirror LOL. I think it has been 6 moths since I visited the hairdresser the last time ;.O

I know I’m going to be traveling light, but what apart from bathing clothes are kind of held i a mystery to me. OK, toiletries, flip-flops, some sleve less tank tops and shorts….but that’s it.

Did you know that Tome Cruise is in town? Poor guy – wintery chilly Sweden and one of the most boring movie theaters in town….I’ll bet he just turn around and go to the next promo place before the days is done.