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I grew up in the northern parts of Sweden where winter was winter every year and as far as I remember, the buses and trains rolled, the street where plowed in the wee morning hours and all was well. Here in Stockholm though it’s mayhem and chaos as soon as 5cm of snow has fallen during the night and the winds area bit on the strong side. Arlanda and Bromma airports are closed down, the commuter trains are heavily late, the buses drives in 30km/hr on the motorway and the ordinary trains runs with a 0-30 minutes lateness.


(Photo from http://aftonbladet.se)

And here I am – just having to go to Norrköping for a “development” talk (“utvecklingssamtal”) with Sam and his mentor. Don’t ask me why we couldn’t do it on Skype….I asked the mentor guy and he just looked at me like DUH??? I mean – we are only 4 or 5 families in the class where  the kids don’t live with us, so it can’t be that difficult or straining to use modern technology. The kids do it all the time! So in the wintery not so wonderful land I have to try to get to the central station and hope that the regular train to Norrköping is on time or at least get me there on time – I do have time to spare to be on the safe side – all for just 1 hr meeting 😦

The good thing is that I get to meet Sam 😀