Two years ago I got a real nice handbag from the Danish label Adax, black with lots of pockets. The great thing about Adax is that they have a warranty on their products and my bag had a 2 year one. A good thing that was, cause the lining above one of the pockets came undone a couple of weeks ago and I took it to the store yesterday. We took a pic of it and the clerk sent it of along with the info on the recipe and voila – got a new handbag without a question:

Not the sexiest bag ever seen, but I do love the color – a happy spring green. The downside is that there aren’t that many pockets inside, the good thing is that you can get files in A4 format standing up. HAHA and that feature has rendered the bag the nick “the school marm bag”. Not one bit of hip at all, but practical ROFLMAO.

While at Sollentuna mall today, I finally went into a store that I have been curious about for quite a while –  a large one filled only with hair products. And came out with some texturizing and volume stuff for a nice sum of SEK. I normally war my hair kind of short (not short-short though) cause my straws are very soft and if I let them grow too long, the whole doo lays flat on my head in a kind of licked down way. But now I have this experimental project going –  for how long can I stand it before getting a new haircut? Well, after 5 months I can say that I’m at the end of the line, although for various reasons I’m going to wait for a few weeks more. Hence the need for above mentioned kind of products 😉

Sam will be home tomorrow for family dinner and leave again in the middle of the day on Sunday. I just have to face the fact – he does have his own life now and don’t find a weekend at “home” especially satisfying. Ack ack – poor me…..