I’ve had problems with one of the ischiatic nerve for the longest on time – on and off – sometimes no pain at all, sometimes clenched like a pit bulls jaw, but never got around to seek medical advice. Stupid stupid me! So after very long walk with The DH and the dogs, I am down for count – the pain, the pain….Since I’m not allowed to trace NSAID stuff, I’m left to paracetamol and THAT does absolutely nothing for me. So I’m linking about the house, leaning on a big rolled up umbrella and is grateful Sam isn’t here – he would die of embarrassment LOL.

So I lie on the bed, surfing, transferring pictures from the camera and iPhone, like this one that is so colorful that I might t try to use it as a”water color” quilt.

I have absolutely no idea on how to do that, but I strongly suspect it has something to do with a color printer with large paper magazine and whole lot of scraps.

I did finish the last of the pillows in time before we went to Norrköping last Thursday and I like it a lot  

and somebody else (except Issa) did too 😀

Teenagers can be funny: “: What did you all do last night (All Saints Eve here)? Sam: This and that. Me:but did you have fun? Sam: yes you could say that! And that was all about that. And lordy me is that kid bad at replying to my texts!!!

When I’m not thinking about water color quilts, I did have in my to do something with hand appliqué and had two books to choose from “Appliqué Workshop” by Laurel Anderson and “Hand Appliqué with Embroidery” by. Sandra Leichner. Although both books spook to me at the beginning, I’m now getting a wee bit upset and/or fed up with them both. The latters projects don’t rely suit my want and the first – neither the project on the cover or a few inside has patterns and instructions for and the ones that have patterns are sooooooo huge. I had set my mind on New Growth or First Blush, but neither of them had a pattern…blahahaaaaa.

I think I’m going to link downstairs and make a cup of tea. Later for dinner: grilled T Bone steaks and baked potatoes 🙂