I’ve said it before and say it again – I just hate this moving the time one hour here and there twice a year. The person who came up with it must have a screw loose or something, cause no one or nobody I know of think it’s a great idea. I very much doubt the cows like to be out of their rhythm and frankly my dog’s don’t – they sit outside the kitchen one hour the wrong way hoping for dinner. And me – I’m tired and what to go to bed one hour in the wrong – my bodily clock say it’s time to go to bed when it’s only 8.30pm instead of 9.30pm……

To put the whining aside I absolutely feel for the people in NY and other areas that is affected by the storm Sandy – what a nightmare!!

Sam came home over the weekend and went back to Norrköping today. They have fall leave (as does John) and  when asked why he didn’t go back on Thursday like most of his friends, he told us he wanted to be home alone for a few days.  OK, I can understand that, home alone has a certain appeal 🙂 As alway, my heart ached and tears gathered at the corners of my eyes when I left him at the train station, but on the happy side – he will be back on the 9th of November and then the 7th of December for family occasions, something he would/could never say no to.

Me, i still haven’t found any appliqué projects that really speak to me. If I can wrap my head around it, I will tell more later.