back and forth to Norrköping in 7.5 hrs including 1.40 hr at the first PTA information meeting for “Naturbrukslinjen” at Realgymnasiet. OK sitting still for that amount of time on a less than comfortable chair ain’t my idea of fun. BUT – the teachers, mentor and second in command principle are all young, have their goals fixed, knows their kids and how to inspire them = I am very very pleased with this school and the kind of education they offer. While I was at that meeting, The DH fixed stuff that needed fixing at the apartment, before I left I have fixed all the new pillows and put up the new curtains in the living room. Issa (Sam’s “roommate”) grabbed the two blue-white-red pillows for herself and seemed very pleased 🙂 So now I have to make two more pillows for the deep window sills in the living room – just two isn’t enough.

Had a nice chat with Issa’s mom (and dad LOL) and after the meeting I quickly walked back to the apartment to pick up The DH so we could drive back home to John. During the meeting snow started to fall and most of the way was light snow and rain intervened and more than once I said “Thank You!!” that The DH was driving. If it had been me, I would have cried like an insane most of the way since I do have a problem with driving in the dark, especially when the surface is wet…..When we got back in our neighborhood it started to snow big time – heavy winds and snow coming in horizontally. It was like a science fiction movie when you move into warp speed….John just said – snow should look like on a sunny day when it glitters and it goes knirp, knorp when you walk upon it. And – at Christmastime – not late October!!!! No-one as I know of has changed their car tires to winter ones, if this shitty thing stay on tomorrow, I won’t have a chance taking Fiona to the Vets to check out her pink licked abdomen. No matter 4wdr, you need to have winter tires as well.

Lucky me, I brought home work yesterday to keep me occupied for 2 days. They call it work at home and that suits me very well.

Tomorrow evening Sam comes home for autumn leave. Not that he plan to stay at home the entire time  – no, Norrköping is home now and if he’s here this is home at Mom and Daddies 🙂 Just watching him in his home, made me realize once and for all that he IS grown up now and lives his own life. How did this happen?? 😉 When I see home my heart almost burst with pride. And when he did the dishes, I was even prouder.

Well in two weeks time (or some more weeks) I have to go down to Norrköping once more, this time Sam’s PTA meeting with his mentor and me in attendance, but that one I simply have to have during daytime, so get back while it’s still light outside and John can take care of the dogs. It might not seem much but 176km in either way takes it’s toll.Of course I’m gonna drive the big car, the small makes you feel like a switch knife when you manage to climb out of it 🙂

Absolutely time to sleep now, feel like a wrung out dish cloth LOL.