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my oldest have in school.

FI tomorrow morning he has to go up in the wee hours, take the 6am bus from the train station to go to to a dairy farm. There he and 3 girls from class ;-o are going to learn how to milk a cow. Imagine that!! I must say (once again) that I do envy him – learning all about animals big and small, wild and domestic.

Not only that, he is so far excelling at math. At Helenelundsskolan (7-9 grade) he scored average and didn’t enjoy it very much. But in Norrköping, he has excelled in two in a row homework tests and got rave reviews. Guess how good it does for his self esteeed. When I talked to him yesterday, he said the other students in class, didn’t seem to take the basic subjects (math, Swedish, English and Pets) very seriously, but when he’s friend where Skyping and fooling around, he was studying biology. I have a suspicion that this son of mine will go far, he certainly deserve it since he put so much energy and effort into his studies and I’m sooooo proud of him:-D Top that with he is clever, has a good and level head on his shoulders and is mature way beyond his years when you compare him to most of his friends. Talking of them – the stories he tell about some of them make the hair rise on my arms and give me goose bumps and we both have a premonition than for at least one of them, things are never going to end well. Or they might mature  quickly and it all will end well.  Who can know for sure??

Here some of you might say – step up, step in and try to wrestle adult control, give advice etc etc, but frankly, I don’t think it will do any difference, that person will never listen to me or any other grown up…….and yes it is upsetting and yes it is sad  –  but you can’t force anyone (specially not a teenager) to change their ways or to think before they act……Being a teenager is a difficult and hard time, finding your right place in life and among your peers is hard, very hard and you never ever care what grown ups have to say, more like we are here just so they can cheat us……rules don’t apply…I do what I want to and the grown up will never know. Oh, my, so far I have the mot well behaved, level headed teenager there is – hurray!

Oh my, time to read and bit, do my silly exercise for getting the crystals to move home again. And no, no sewing non whatsoever today either.:-(

The eye specialist at the vets confirmed what I believed, that the blue haze I’ve seen in her eyes is only due to old age, nothing else. It was kind of funny, he asked her if she could jump up on the examination table – she took one look at him and gracefully sailed up, almost a meter high from standing postition. The vet looked me and said “did you say that she is almost 11 years old ??” and then stated like the vets before, that Fiona is very well kept for her age – just like her mom – my note ROFLMAO.