Tomorrow 11.20 the main miffler (ok she whines big time several times times a day) Fiona and me has an appointment with an doogie eye specialist at the vets clinique. She has had this kind of blue shimmer in her left eye and it’s show a tiny bit at the right. Probably just old age or she too have wonky crystals, but better to check it up. My main problem is – how to get her out to the car, while the other two remain on the top floor??

When I leave home, I take them all up there with the treat of a Dentstix. I swear, there must be some kind of doggie crack in there, cause they are so very eager to follow me. Diego opts to go into his crate and the girls lies down on an old mattress with theirs. So I come up with the clever idea of withholding Fiona’s and that way lure her downstairs again. Whicked of me I know, but I do think it might work 😀

In the afternoon I simply HAS to set my but in front of the glorious red machine and do some quilting in the pillow tops. The DH plans to go down to Norrköping some time over the weekend to put the curtain rods and lamps back upp, I had hoped that at least 2 pillows would be done until then. Hope I say….hope 😉