Went to the doc yesterday and yup, I didn’t imagine things but do have that wonky ear crystal thing. By some mysterious reason the crystals have disengaged the jelly bit and ran away to some back part of the ear setup. Hence vertigo and nausea. I must say I found it absolutely astonishing – the doc put some tight rubber goggles over my eyes that was connected to a computer screen. She asked me to focus my eyes to the left, to the right up and down and by that she could see that the crystals was loos and where they had gone!! So she did some maneuvers, put me on sick leave for two more weeks and gave me some exercise to do at home. It can take up to 6 weeks to get back on track….if ever… I find all this very strange indeed, thought it was something that happens to older people, but she told me it can happen to young people as well.

So here I am, not doing much, keeping of to do what I truly have to do, like ESTA applications and other forms that need to be done. As well as quilt and sew the pillow cases for the kids apartment in Norrköping. I also do need to get of my butt and take some pics for an international drivers license….imagine me driving somewhere else with the top down under the sun 😉