Sam has stayed in Norrköping for the weekend (and for two more to come) and John went out bicycling with some friends in the afternoon. And after dinner he went out again for some hours, to meet one of his best friends Erik. So there we where – just the two of us (plus the dogs) for quite some hours and I got a feeling how it will be in 3 or more years:

Absolutely empty! Did you know there is such a thing as empty nest syndrome? I didn’t, but for sure I can understand it 😉

Now something that put another hole in my heart – the best neighbors we/I have ever have had, bought a house in Oxölösund and today the real estate agent is showing their house here in a couple of hours.Since this is a very special neighborhood – it’s like a small village, situated, close to all sorts of public transportations, motorway, 3 large malls, close to the city, to Arlanda airport, I have no doubt that there will be a nice number of prospective buyers  – but me I wanna holler. I’ve been very lucky neighbor wise in life, one or two maybe who has been an annoyance, but the rest quite good. But non as Gisela and her husband….. and I’m quite apprehensive about what will come next? People who are afraid of dogs, partying people, tons of kids or a builder that rents to employees that comes here from Baltics and Poland . Or even worse – some who put their nose in other peoples affairs all the time? Gahhhhh. More later.