some sun after a full week of mostly grey overcasts, spouts of rain and bad light. Så bad it has been impossible to get decent pictures of the finished pillow tops. Said that – I decided not to show them until the whole pillow cases are done. I managed to get to IKEA the other day and found some great fabrics for the backs – brown velvet with a soft blu swirly print on it. I almost jumped with joy, except for the price witch was rather expensive for being IKEA – 79SEK/m on only 75cm width 😮 But, I thought that if the kids don’t like or get tired of the quilted fronts, they can just turn the pillows and have fancy chocolate velvet instead.

One even better news, is that our tickets, condo and rental car is now booked and almost paid in full – the remaining payment for the condo remains. Sadly we didn’t get to go to our first choice at the paradisal place at opposite side of the world since there simply wasn’t ANY rentals within our budget to be had. BUT I found someplace else, also a bit of paradise, but not as far away and very luxurious  Still it takes very many hours to get there  – why hasn’t anyone invented pills and incubators for flying long distance. Take your pill, lay down, sleep and kazoom – you have arrived!

OK, need to go and blow dry my hair and then – try to do some plastic surgery on Bästis, John’s cuddly rabbit that Diego now have massacred for the 3rd time, but this is the worse of them all – most part of his left ear is chewed to pieces. The monstrous Diego has now chewed and ripped Kalle, Ti, Bästis and Anki……So far I have managed to put them back together, but not in their former selves, since there are tiny fabric parts missing. That dog is 11 months old and still does these stupid things…heavy sigh. Poor John is not awake yet, so he has no clue what has happened and that we probably have to sacrifice Anki to get Bästis  a new ear. One more sighs.