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I don’t know – some people seem to like the fall, me I don’t. Of course the colors of fall are beautiful, but nahinah – they don’t do much for me in the long run. It’s more like decay and destruction and the road toward the darkness. OK, October can be nice at times, but then comes November…..overall grayness, wet, dank and complete horrible.

I have finished three more pillow tops, pics will follow tomorrow. Now I just have to drag my butt to IKEA for backings and pillows. Not that there is any rush, don’t think we will go to Norrköping this weekend. Maybe the next? Sam went back today and as always I feel a tad bit sad. Correct that, teary eyed and with a small hole in my heart. Now he won’t be home until fall leave – all four weeks away…So we simply have to go down there during that time, or I’ll go crazy from longing. But my what a great education he has chosen for himself, last Friday they spent the day at Kolmården and on Thursday they will go to Godegård (and sorry, I can’t find any link to a webpage). They will get to try out several different chores on a farm and stay the night. How cool is that? On schooltime too 🙂 If I have understood it correctly, they will spend the better part of the term at Kolmården. Imagine doing that for 2.5 years…..Let’s put it this way – I 8and many with me) are sooooo friggin jelleous. You couldn’t get this kind of education when I grew up, that’s for sure.

Time to turn out the light.