Well at least a little bit….You know I have had such a hard time the last 4 months to get my creative juices flowing and create at least – something. During the summer it was totally impossible to figure out anything, so the little time and energy I had left, I decided to work on my applique skills, using the instructions in Sandra Leichners book.

All my own design, which you can tell by the second flower from the right 😉 I had this vision of making sunflowers in a field, but ended up with flowers of their own and little pink worms and a beetle. I didn’t made a pattern but used freezer paper in most forms except the brown soil (?) and the stems. The good thing was that the points got sharper and the circles rounder as time passed.

A couple of weeks ago, The DH suggested (in an attempt to unlock my creativity) that I make some pillows for the kids apartement. Since Issa is in her English mood (blue white and red) I had bought some fabrics with both London and NY/US theme and the last week I finally got down to make at least the front of one pillow:

I’m not entirely sure about the border and I don’t think Sam is neither, but The DH was enthusiastic 😀 What do you think?

Said that, I must confess that I got mighty pleased when I found one of the books I bought at C&T s sale for 3$ (or was it 5)  at Amazon.UK for 23£. <G> More money in the piggy bank for shopping during the vacation for me:-)