Well, said John, because they would probably hurt to much. Hmm, somewhere in the darkness of mind I think it ain’t fair….one more thing to add to the burden of non-health.

The thing is –  I had one bout of this horrible head spinning and nausea the week before we moved Sam to Norrköping. I woke up in the early morning and every time I turned, all spun like a wind power propeller. When I sat up it got better, but if I bent over it was like I was going to tip over. I put the whole thing down to stress and after some days it went away more less. Then a couple of days ago it came back, with a vengeance and once again I was sure it was due to stress. Until today when I suddenly remembered that my mom was affected with this many years ago and we though she had gone boners. Until she came to a doctor who told her it was the ear crystals that was out of sync.

Ear crystals? I thought she was joking – never ever heard of such, but the doc had manipulated her head this way and that and zoowie – everything back to normal again. So I did some googling and whatdayaknow – of course it’s my friggin crystals that are out of wonk. Called the GPs office (Swedish: Husläkarmottaging) and they told me to call the ear, nose and throat specialist office and that nurse said – yup, wonky ear crystals it is and I got an appointment on the 8th of October. Hmmm, I’m not dying or anything, but 9 days with a head spin….= blaaaahhhh.

I would rather have diamonds in there ROFLMAO.