My cutie Diego is a very modern dog – he goes with the flow and occasionally watches dog shows (like Dog Whisperer) and other animal shows he finds interesting. But yesterday evening was an all time high – he talked with Sam and his roomie Issa on Skype!!

Although I have used Skype to talk to friends in the US some years ago, I never got around to instal it on the Mac Book. Until yesterday when my sons “forced” me to it. Well, I don’t know, but if you ask me Skype has changed a lot of things, so John had to download and install it for me 😉 .

So I got viedo talk hooked up with Sam and Issa wanted to see our dogs and I could show them. Arwen and Fiona couldn’t cared less, but Diego he was all into it – responding to the kids talking to him and checking them out on the screen. Now how cool is that LOL. Diego the Skype dog.