For the first time in 17 we are in the middle of planning our one-of-a-time- 3 week holiday abroad. We did have one trip planned then, but infertility and to get a child toped our priority list and we canceled it all. Before kids and before getting them and before house and dogs and…..we had the time and money to go on charter vacations here in Europe. And the two big trips outside Europe we have taken was to go to the other side of the world to pick up our kids. But now, as a belated 50th birthday gift for The DH (as if the party wasn’t enough ;-)) we are planning to travel to the other side of the world, in opposite direction. P-l-a-n-n-i-n-g. We are still in the planning stage and like a jigsaw puzzle, every part has to be in place before you can fit in the next.

Since of Wednesday evening we are like full tilt ahead into the housing part – comparing umpteenth of rentals, making a small list of possibilities, checking out availabilities….Yesterday going through the list, getting some more from The DH, sending out requests and then realizing that a 2 bedroom place would not be enough, cause most of them had only one bed in the 2nd bedroom and we need two. Finding some more, sending out some more requests…I think I spent 4-5hrs straight on the computer and in the afternoon and evening some more answering emails from possible renters. Last night and now me poor brain feel like someone had fried it or sent a sandstorm through it or…something like that. And here is when I realize that back in time, when I do had my brain in ship-shape, I would have made checklists in Excel – urls for requests sent out and cross checked with emails from renters. OK, we are not talking about a whole slew of them requests, so I think I can backtrack what I’ve done. But right now, I don’t think I can think straight, thankfully (never thought I’d say that) but my cold keeps me at home from work today as well, so I can make that check list later today. 

I surely do hop that before the end of the day, I can pat myself on the head and exclaim “”Good Dog” LOL.