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are not entirely well, when not a box full of books can rise your interest.

When I placed an order with C&T (summer sale) about 2 weeks ago, they said in the orders would take 6 weeks to ship out of their warehouse. Imagine to my great surprise when I got a shipping notification on the 12th and today our smallish postal gal delivered the package to my doorstep – without customs interference – yayyy

This time I was good – ordered only 7 

and you got this magazine for free 

I truly love C&T sales – the prices varies between 3-5USD each in my order, the postage is a bit steep, but considering how much 7 books weight, I really can’t complain. When you do a brief calculation you end up with app. 67SEK each 😀

Normally I would start to browse through them right away, but frankly I still feel so under the weather that I will save them all for later. Cough cough…