Here we are in the middle of planning the winter adventure of our time and what happens? The big car (Mitusbishi Pajero wagon) came out from the yearly test with a wonked reverse light and some engine xxx part coming up havoc on the computer run. Top that up with the WC on the ground floor sounding verry  strange, went down to the basement and  sewer in the boiler room had started to smell yicki. Pored some chorine and water and some water down it. OK fine.

The John came after dinner and said there was water running from the WC on the top floor. At first I was convinced that it was Diego who had done some no-no up there, but John was right – the tubing was leaking.

Well, that heaven I have a very handy man DH who can fix all these things, all is well in the plumery dept. for now.

Took Fiona to the vets, ear infection on both ears and her eyes has started to show some age signs. Well, she turns 11 in a month so it shouldn’t come as a surprise. But to be on the safe side the vet wanted an ophthalmologist give a second opinion – we got an appointment in October.

That covered the last two days of blahahaaaa.On Saturday we have to drive down to Norrköping to move all the furniture out of the kitchen and living room cause a painter will come in and paint all the trimmings and put up new wallpaper and next weekend we have to go down again and switch all the furniture around so he can do the living rooms. Sam will come home with us on Saturday (yay) and go back on Sunday evening by train.