something quilting related.

I have been under “don’t know what to do and don’t care” spell lately. And even though I bought some new stuff, like FQ stacks on sale at Thousands of Bolts

and some notions from Connecting Threads, who BTW don’t ship outside USA. So thanks to a very kind and generous girl who is on the same Yahoo group as me, I was able to obtain these:

Two scissors, a pack of marking pens, one glue pen, a package of applique needles, a threader and a tube with YLI silk threads. And of course, I already had some of these colors….that’s what happens when you order and don’t check out the stuff you already have.

Finally fed up with not doing anything except chores, work and laying in the porch swing reading, I decided to try out a “kite” ruler I bought on sale at Eleanor Burns. I think I read the instructions at least three time and decided – “what the heck” just cut some trial pieces and do it. Well, thank’s to me choosing entire different colors than was used in the description, my kites looks very different. Having no clue what to do with them, I sewed the blocks in a row connecting with lattice 

Thought a border made from a single fabrics would be kind of boring, so I brought out one (of the two) triangle rulers I own. OK, this piece don’t exactly talk to me, but nevertheless I think it will be turned into a runner for the coffee table. After this I just have to fight this sense of boredom with one of them applique patterns from one of the great and inspirational applique books I own.

Sam has opted to stay in Norrköping for the second weekend in a row and John just went cycling to check up on some of his friends, cause he was bored with staying indoors 😉