Last year a girl at the Swedish quilting group told us about the C&T publishing sale and I bought 10 books. Just on a whim, had no clue if they was good or borring. Well, one I swapped, the rest is in my book case – some good some simple and/or boring.

Now C&T has a sizzling summer sale which ends tomorrow. This time I was good and only ordered 7 books 😉 which costed 3 or 5 USD each and even though the shipping is quite steep, in Swedish Krona (SEK) they cost around 67 each and that is a find!

Yesterday when I talked to Sam, he was a wee bit better. Oh my ow empty it is when he’s not here over the weekend. Cooking nice food just for three ain’t that fun and his room is sooooo empty. But John is compensating for it all and does all his chores (and give me many big hugs) plus Sam’s to get his monthly allowance. For August he had made a list of stuff he wanted at Steam for one of his games. He had summed the cost and – managed to convert € to SEK and got it all right. So I acted as a go between when it came to paying and he got 100 SEK to spare. Now he just waits for Mists of Pandaria (WoW extension) to be released 🙂

I tried to sew som “kite” blocks with a small ruler I bought at a sale at Eleanor Burns’ but heck and damnation, these blocks don’t turn out even and straight……..Buhu, it is sooo hard to figure out how stuff works on your own, even if there was a description attatched.

But first – some laundry!