You wouldn’t believe how much rain we have had the last couple of days and today more than before, Not even Diego wanted to get out of the trunk when we had picked up John after school . He didn’t even want to be outside, but oped for the front door full speed ahead. The pool cover looks like a pool upon the pool and as usual I had had my hopes that we could take one last swim in the last weekend of August, but that have never happened.

Sam is staying in Norrköping for the weekend, he sounds like he has a cold or flue coming on – sore throat, headache and  running nose. Non of my sons are hardly ever sick, so when it happens, I get more like Mama Bear (or Lion) and now he’s 177km away from me….but the good thing is that it takes less than 2 hrs to get there, in full speed LOL

Extremely tried, have been all week, so hop in bed with fresh bed linens and a bit of a cold freeze from the bedroom window. This weekend will be so very relaxed, just taking John to the hairdresser and some clothes shopping, but after that only preparing dinner . nothing else.