Last night when I talked to Sam, he told me that the “building host” had showed them the laundry room and the re-cycling garbage room. After that Sam had took all the boxes and cardboard stuff down there, just to “show some initiative”. he also told me that the class (all 16 of them) was divided into two lunch groups and went to two different restaurants. His group went to the Kebab King and “as not to look like some badly brought up one” he ate his kebab with a knife and a fork. HAHAHA, I told him that I was sure that nobody would mind if he ate his kebab with his hands like thge rest of them.

Today the class went on an outing to Kolmården and they watched the dolphin, predator birds and seal shows plus, got to ride in the The world’s first Wildlife Park gondola. It had rained the entire time, so they was soaked to the skin when they got back home. Sam go to hold the smallest snake (just cause he asked nicely) but Isabella got to hold the biggest one, not cause anyone told her she cold, but because she just picked it up. That girl is feisty and I truly like her. When they go back home they was going to cook dinner on their brand new stove. the one which was there when we moved in was a fire hazard and they installed a new one plus a new kitchen fan after just one day 🙂

Time to call my precious son, outside it’s raining like hell – it’s not pouring – it’s simply just absolutely very very much.