One of my best friends have a summer place in Arkösund. There her daughter have a best friend who starts gymnasiet today. In Norrköping. At Realgymnasiet. In the same class as Sam. Now how likely is that on a scale? She didn’t dare to introduce herself to him, but have promised F to do so tomorrow. Imagine Sam’s reaction 😉

In my more glam youth, I spend some substantial money on high end make-up, but that interest have waned with advancing years. Nowadays I either use what I have, do some bad low budget investment or – at some very rare moments splurge. The last one was more a year ago (Christian Dior), but today I felt like I do have earned a treat. So I bought a coveted Estee Lauder eye shadow palette (oiiiii, did the CC go). Luckily I’m married to a man who don’t care what I spend our money on as long as it’s reasonable. Well, that palette cost way less than any tiny part on his motorcycle ROFLMAO.

Talked to Sam a little while ago and he is right as rain. We (either just me and John or the entire dog/human clan will drive down at the weekend, he need his trainers that we didn’t think he will have any use for (we had no idea that they have sports at gymnasiet) and he would write me a list for other stuff he missed and/or want. “Mom you can put it in your note pad in your phone. It says “Notes””. ;-o.  I passed his room on my way to bed, for a second forgetting that he wasn’ t there and just got soccer punched in the heart when I realized that there was no one there to talk to….Vojjne, only day No2…….