Sorry, no time or energy for writing – all goes into apartment hunt for Sam and Isabella.  Monday the three of us – The DH, Sam and me will go to Norrköping to look a three from the inside and one from the outside, four apartments in one day. Puh!! On top of that we have signed on waiting lists for at least 2-3 more. The bad side is that most have a move in date at November 1st…..that leaves maaaaaany train rides between Stockholm and Norrköping…..until the best-of-the best apartment shows up. Vojjne, I must confess I feel a bit torn about it all. But he has to leave home sometime time….the kids has a cousin that still live at home at the age of 27!!!!How about that?

All this school away from home issue has draines me to the core. So tonight it’s time to sleep right now.

Good news though, on Thursday Sam got the welcome letter from Real Gymnasiet, so now we know for sure that he’s in 😀