Thousands of Bolts is one of my favorite online places to shop fabrics and last week (don’t know if it’s still on) they had a sale on stacks of FQs. Most 12 stacks was gone but a grabbed one and three 6 stacks. I placed the order last Thursday and had the envelopes here on Monday :-O That is the fastest delivery of anything I ever had bought in the US 🙂

and it was a nice selection of fabrics as well.

I have been looking for bobbins to wind embroidery floss on and found some very cheep ones on eBay UK and placed an order – cost me round 3.60 something pounds and they arrived yesterday. HAHAHAHA, when will I ever learn to check out the English/American measures of stuff…..they was the tiniest ones…had no clue they even madethem that small….But never mind, they hold a skein of floss so now I have wound my entire (quite small) collection of Cosmo (which I love) and DMC (the only thing easily available here) 

I find myself in a kind of creative slump today, the pointed points sampler is done, have an idea about doing some embroidered roots on each stalk, but it feels no fun at all. I might do some cathedral windows instead, need a new pillow case….

Diogo is faring well and still behaves very well. I’ve told Fiona in not so many words, that dang her if she dares to start her own period in heat ROFLMAO.