We in Sweden do not share the US view on neutering our pets and therefor the furry girls have all their bodily parts intact. But that little Diego was to be neutered we both agreed on….or at least that was what I thought. The coming of age came and nothing, checked up how much it would cost and any side effects when we jointly took the dogs for manicures…….but no decision making at all.

But of course Arwen got into heat while staying at the kennel (we went on a RV trip) and during the week that has passed since we all got back home, poor Diego has become more and more frustrated and it ended with him rushing her as soon as he saw her and started humping. Gladly he humped all the wrong parts, but nevertheless very annoying for everyone ;-). After my lovely neighbor G told all about their encounters with a un-neutered male and a bitch in heat, The DH at 5.20AM a morning said “you call them (the vets) – right”. And lucky us, we will leave him tomorrow with them at 8-9am for some snip-snip ;-o The kids wonder if he will be missing his balls and the DH if m´he might get some silicon implants to make he feel like a real guy LOFLMAO.

Sewing wise I continue to practice of my getting my applique pointed points pointy. After almost a week they are definitely getter better and better 🙂