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Warning – this is kind of long. And totally without any illustrations 😉

Sweden is a quite well developed country when it comes to using computers, networks and all kind of systems between heaven and earth and – stupid as we are, if they are used we believe all is working just fine. All from taxation to patient journals, from laboratories doing blood tests to…..admittance to higher educations. And I assume that most of the time evrything works.

But – if it doesn’t, don’t you think some sort of red flags ought to be raised within the system that there is something wrong? As with the gymnasieantagingen (admittance board) in Stockholm and Norrköping? According to the schools and the admittance board here in Stockholm, all grades are sent out to the different admittance boards in Sweden that serve “nationell antagning¨, that is nation wide admittance for several different gymnasie educations. Like Norrköping and the Animal Park keeper education that Sam has applied for. And have enough graduate grades to be admitted to? You know we didn’t get an admittance letter and I talked to the woman in Norrköping early last week? When nothing happened I called her again and know  what?? Sam’s grades wasn’t in the system!?!? She could se that he was registered as an applier, but no grades had been admitted!!!!! :-O :-O :-O So all the admittance letters had gone out to 16 pupils, among two who wasn’t really qualified and no place left for Sam!!!

Here my mind started to spin anti clockwise from the rest of my head and all I could think was – this can’t be true!!! A kid with the qualifications to get into a very narrow program can’t get in because somebody fucked up !!!????? I called the board in Stockholm and they re-sent (they claimed they had done it correctly the first time) Sam’s “card” to Norrköping and somewhere here I was a firm believer that since there was a fault beyond our responsibility, the Norrköping board would correct the mistake and Sam would get his education. HAHAHAHA, stupid silly me who thought that public entities (paid with our tax payers money) would admit they had dome something wrong and correct it. But hell no, they didn’t think it was their fault at all and “you must understand that we can’t take back an admittance, no matter what”. “But, I’m working on getting some more “slots” and will call you back later”.

On the phone again, talking to a very nice girl at the Realgymnasiet – the principal was on vacation but she would email him and tell him what happened. The woman at the admittance board didn’t call….. Friday cam, at 10am I called the lady again, no answer more than she would be calling me before day end. But then the principal Jonas called and wanted me to tell him myself what had happened. I did. With a wobbly voice and tears in my throat…this is the biggest injustice I think has happened to the educations system in modern times. But who knows – there might be more? And there is, a girl in Stockholm has been the victim for the very same malfunction. How knows how many other people who has applied to the national programs this has happened to??

So Jonas told me had called the admittance board and demanded they do a new admittance process, but they refused cause “it wasn’t their fault or problem”. He had also called the zoo boss (great guy btw) to try to raise two more places, but had to wait for the education responsible woman at Kolmården. And she wouldn’t be back until today.

Here I willingly confess that I spent the rest of the evening crying, drinking wine, crying even more. And – did I say cry some more. I got so ill of it all, my sweet darling son who had stopped playing soccer so he could focus on schoolwork and who worked like a mad during the entire spring term to get s good grades as possible to get in to the education of his dreams. Oh how my poor soul ached.

But miracles of all miracles, today I first got a phone call from the mom of the other injustice suffering kid and then – a mail from Jonas, the principal that all is A-O-K, they have extended the number of places from 16-18!!! You should have sen the look at Sam’s face when I told him 😀

The champagne and coke is on ice, tonight we’re going to celebrate!!! 😀 😀 8>

But as I said in the start, isn’t it very strange that when you rely on computer systems and whatsnot, you don’t have some sort of fail-safe red light kind of function? Not one, but two kids have applied to the same system, have grades good enough and the early admittance that was made on the Christmas grades admitted them and then all of a sudden, after final grades and schools out, no grades but an empty space occurs in the admittance “cards”. Don’t anyone stop, wonder and think?? And if not – why? The system isn’t as fail-proof as everyone believed then! Everyone I have talked to don’t believe that this is true, that something like this could happen in the techie land of Sweden and specially not, institutions owned by municipalities and in the long run, government.

Here I will send out mine, Sam’s and the rest of the families heartfelt THANK YOU to principal Jonas, Rebecka (I think her name was) at Realgymnasiet in Norrköping who sent of an email to Jonas, to Zoo Boss Mats and the woman who is in charge of the education at Kolmården. THANKYOUTHANKYOUTHANKYOU!!!!!!