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You know, I have been doing some substantial shopping over the years at Thousands of Bolts and never once have their flat rate envelopes got caught in the Swedish customs filter. The thing is, since we are a member of the EC, we have to pay additional taxes on goods bought outside the union when we buy for more than 1000SEK (according to The DH) and not only taxes, but postal fees as well. If you are lucky though, much slides past 😉

So here is my latest purchase – 36 batik Fat Quarter to be used on applique projects.

Half of them got through but the second package I had to bail out at a cost of  – 163SEK.

But the valued amount on the flat rate was 35USD and that is only 245SEK!! Well I don’t have the energy to fight this, but the interesting thing is when you look closely you realize that custom fee is 63SEK and the rest is postal fees!! 100SEK for the SPS :-O

I got Sandra Leichner’s book “Hand Applique with embroidery” in the mailbox today, but let me say this – I would have been much much happier if it had been Sam’s admittance letter…. both the admittance board in Norrköping and the Postal Service seem to have f-d up royally…..and as Sam said “I must be the only guy in the entire country who still is left in the dark” 😉 I called the board earlier (after over 1 hour of waiting) but their rules was not to give out results over the phone. What the BEEEEEP??? if the letter has gone completely MIA – then what? Not over the phone? Mutter mutter…;-( My poor frayed nerves.