Among everything else I told about in the former post, one more tradition on Midsummers Eve is to pick 7 different (wild) flowers, place them under your pillow and you will dream  – well not about Prince Charming, but close – your husband (maybe even wife?) to be.

Since I already have on (The DH that is) this is a redundant tradition for me, but look what I found to my great surprise on the dining room table

I am absolutely sure that this is the first time ever The DH have picked me flowers….:-D

We never got around to order from Texas Long Horna bar, but I did some spareribs myself. Today it’s raining heavily – it’s going to fall more todays than during a normal June month. OK, it’s my fault – I booked some nice camping sites yesterday. Sorry, sorry 😉

Still no word from the admittance board, we have our collective nerves bunched up, that’s for sure and Sam the most. Arwen is under the weather, she is soooo tired and she won’t eat (not even hand fed today, which worked a bit yesterday) but I will try my final treat – a part of a can of de lux wet doggie food at dinner. If that don’w work I have to call the vets tomorrow. During the weekend she and Fiona took up the best part of the couch 

as you can see, they are truly spoiled LOL.

Me – I continue to work on that applique test patch, I’m on the final (embroidery) part. After that I’m going to try to use my color pencils to enhance the wild rose petals since they do look a bit flat. More later.