Tomorrow is Midsummer Eve here in Sweden. Ever since the authorities got fed up with yet another holiday that could tunr up every day of the week, they decided that Midsummers Eve was always to be on a Friday, no matter what date Midsummer Solstice is.

Well, we get one extra day of and if you ask me, Midsummer  is one of what I call “forced” holidays. If you are normal you celebrate with family, relatives and maybe friends – the more the merrier, then have a “pickled herring lunch” which is pretty much like Christmas and Easter food; the herring, Swedish meatballs, prince sausages, some gravad laz, ice cold beer and “snaps”. The only difference is that this time of the year we get fresh potatoes – yummy. At here it suddenly strikes me, I completely forgot to buy fresh chives, a must with the sour cream and the herring… Then you dance around the Midsummer pole to singing Små Grodorna (little frogs), do some sack jumping and some other silly things…. Do I have to tell that we don’t do them? We have the lunch and then some grilled steaks for dinner, that’s it. And we are on our own since my MIL is going out to Ingarö to my BIL and his family and relatives.

Well lucky me, we have some dinner gift card from The DH’s company left, so one of these three upcoming days we are going to order take-away from Texas Long Horn Barn and that is truly YUMMY!!

And I might try my hands on a small, for me, totally applique design. We will see.

So Happy Midsummer all!!