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We have started to plan the summer vacation in the RV  – leaving the dogs in Husqvarna at “our” kennel, then of to our favorite place Torekov for a couple fo days and then Öland. But this year we are going to cut it a bit shorter and have more holiday time at home. One reason is Diego is only 7 months and staying at a kennel might be a bit upsetting experience for him even though he has Arwen and Fiona to lean on and be safe with. The other is that we are planning a more exotic and rather substantial vacation later on this year. Nope, we are not doing what maaaany Swedes are doing – going to either Thailand or Florida, but somewhere even more far away 😉

Now that most post-party stress is easing of, I’ve returned to my Quilted Garden Delights applique wallhanging and I started some thread work on the vase, trying to get the shadow/light thing workMy plan is to finish it in time for cutting out the background and pieces for the Beautiful Botanical project, so I have something I can sew by hand on the vaccation. I’m almost out of Appli-Kay Wonder and can’t find the invoice where I bought the first roll….. need to find a good supplier …..Or I can bring a long something I got from a friend at work – tons of hexagons in Liberty fabric and templates as well, for English Paper Piecing…. But I think I would like the Beautiful Garden project the best.

We took the RV
for a little test drive yesterday and Diego got to come along – his very first time and he had a hard time relaxing – everything was so exiting 🙂 We went out to Ingarö in the archipelago and returned the party tent to The DHs brother and of course – it started to rain. And now it rains heavily again – Swedish summer weather in it’s prime 😉

When it’s not raining you can still smell the honeysuckle along the back fence

So far the lilacs and fruit trees have bloomed, so has the lily of the valley, the tree peonies, golden hanging things (here they are called gullregn, but I have no clue what they are called in English) and now the false jasmine(Swedish schersmin) and they all smell/smelled wondefful. Yesterday I saw that my Bourbon rose “Loise Odier” has started to blossom, one single flower so far, but the bush is full of buds so there is hope 🙂

Pictures taken with my new camera – a Nikon 1 (The DH had his birthday and I got a gift :-)) and OMG, there is a wast difference in quality compared to the iPhone. Of course they can’t really be compared, one os a telephone and the other a real camera and one you bring with you all the time and the other you have to train yourself to remember to take along LOL.

Time for some sewing!!!