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HOK, now I truly start to wonder what kind of beast we have nourished under our heart, since little Diego (aka Torplyckas Ice Age) is absolutely not little any more. John weighted them on the scales and D weights almost 10kg (20lb) at mere 7 months of age. I’m not particularly good at measuring him, but I’ll bet he’s taller than the Jack Russel race standard.

He was suposed to be a short/smooth haired JR, but we think his coat is what they call broken. We wanted not so much white, he is mostly white. We wanted a small dog and look what we got!!! He is heavy to lift, that’s for sure. Why oh why can’t we get a normal dog for once?? ROFLMAO.

Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t want any other dogs than the ones I have and Diego is sweet as pie and as stubborn as a mule 😉 and you should see him growling, barking up Arwen – at least 3 times his size…..I do love him to bits, but can’t help to wonder – is he a Parson and not a Jack? What do you think – heh? And I do wonder how his itsy bitsy sized brother Stuart Little have fared?